Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just read something interesting about keeping beverages cold

So maybe our readers already know this handy trick, but we did not or actually were thinking that since our party beverage cooler keeps drinks cold for hours we don't think you need to use the tip but none the less it is such a cool technique we thought we would pass it along -

How to chill your beer in minutes.....

1. Fill 1/4 of your cooler/container (party tub) with ice.
2. Fill with 1/4 more of water
3. Pour a handful of salt into the ice and water mixture.
4 Place your closed bottles or cans of beer in ice, water, and salt mixture and stir gently.

In approximately 5 minutes your cans and bottle should be ice cold and ready to drink!

Try it and let us know how it does.

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